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Vol. 17(1), pp. 13-21The McAllen International Orchid Society JournalJanuary 2016

The Native Orchids of Sweden : Part 1

Fred Campbell

Sweden, together with its border land neighbours Norway, Finland and Denmark through the 2½ mile Øresund Bridge connection and Iceland are the most northerly countries in Europe. Some of their territories are all partly inside the Arctic Circle and 15% is in fact inside the Arctic Circle. Sweden is an outstretched land; over 950 miles from north to south and 300 miles at its widest. At 176,000 square miles Sweden is just slightly larger than the State of California (163,700). Here the comparison ends not only in that California has almost 4½ times Sweden's population (ca 9 million) but that California lies from (32 to 42° N latitude) while Sweden stretches from latitude 55 to 69° N and is on the same latitude range as Greenland, northern Canada and Alaska.

Fig. 1. Sweden in relation to Europe.

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