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Vol. 16(11), pp. 2-3The McAllen International Orchid Society JournalNovember 2015

Pl#150814-3. Rlc. (Bc.) Languedoc 'Singapore Welcome' AM/NSW, W. Wills, NSW, Australia (1964, May 8).

R J Ferry

The plant at hand, is monofoliate. Measuring from rhizome upward, the stem is: 6.2 cm long 1.8 wide to the pseudobulb base; the pseudobulb is slim, ovid. 2.6 at widest, 12.2 long to abscission line. The leaves extend from the abscission line 7 cm. at widest, length 22.0 cm.

Fig. 1. Rlc. (Bc.) Languedoc 'Singapore Welcome' AM/NSW. Pl#150814-3. Image: DSC_7370; Wed-28Oct-15-12.

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