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Vol. 16(2), pp. 12-16The McAllen International Orchid Society JournalFebruary 2015

Follow-on Thoughts

R J Ferry

After the joy of disclosing the names of people commemorated by orchids, it’s time to come down to earth and ask ourselves how dedicated we are going to be in taking care of such named plants, and not only culturally, but in ways that not only preserve the individual plants, but add to the legacy of each named plant. Might we find still another orchid hybrid that's different, yet colorful and exciting, if we were to cross-pollinate, just for example, Sandra Evette x Josie Maciel, or Edie Virkus x Nora Olsen? Your editor has a beautiful white AOS awarded plant of Cattleya Sierria 'Mount Whitney' AM/AOS in the greenhouse. What would the flower look like if we crossed Rlc. Wilma Ferry with C. Sierra 'Mount Whiney'?

Fig. 1. Plants crossed 22Jan-15/01:00 hours, and bearing seed capsules forming. Left: ♀ Pl#280606-15. (Clone#1). Rlc. Wilma Ferry x right: ♂ Pl#190206-12. C. Sierra Blanca 'Mount Whitney' AM/AOS. Digital photo: DSC_6683. Sun-14Feb-15.

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