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Vol. 15(10), pp. 2-8The McAllen International Orchid Society JournalOctober 2014

Orchid Plants to Consider for South Texas Culture

R J Ferry

Maxillariella tenuifolia

Reaching back several years, your editor's old pre-computer penciled records cite an orchid plant numbered Pl#200675-1. In that epoch it was known as Maxillaria tenuifolia. It was redefined in 2007 as Maxillariella tenuifolia as this species was known from Mexico through Central America, but differed from one in South American countries. This plant came to your editor as a simple strip of a rhizome about 14-15 cm long. The parent plant had been mounted on a cedar plank by its owner Peter De Bella, of Long Island, New York. As it had been already grown that way, the small plant division was similarly mounted on a piece of cedar by your editor. That was in June, 1975, and by mid-November of that same year it had flourished well enough that a similar piece was given by your editor to another orchidist on Long Island, and the plant retained by your editor measured 35 cm! Sadly, that original plant was lost in the greenhouse holocaust of several years later, but another plant of the same species was given to your editor by Mrs. Betty Dunton then of South Pasadena, California, while your editor was there on a speaking engagement.

Fig. 1. Pl#160605-5. Maxillariella tenuifolia. Digital photo DSC_4015; Thur-07Apr-11.

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