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Vol. 15(1), pp. 10-13The McAllen International Orchid Society JournalJanuary 2014

Notes on first record of Ornithochilus yingjiangensis from India, and its Conservation

Ramesh Kumar, Sachin Sharma, and Sushil Kumar Singh


The genus Ornithochilus (Lindl.) Wall. ex Benth. a member of family Orchidaceae, is represented by five valid taxa viz., O. difformis (Wall. ex Lindl.) Schltr., O. difformis var. kinabaluensis J. J. Wood, A. Lamb & Shim (Chan et al., 1994), O. moretonii F.M. Bailey (Bailey, 1900), O. yingjiangensis Z.H. Tsi (Damapong et al., 2008; Chen & Wood, 2009) and O. cacharensis Barbhuiya, B.K. Dutta & Schuit.. The genus distributed in the tropical areas of the world (Chan et al., 1994, Barbhuiya et al., 2012, The Plant List accessed 30th July 2013). Two members of the genus, O. difformis and O. cacharensis, occur in India. O. difformis is distributed in western & eastern Himalaya and northeast India (Somdeva & Naithani, 1986; Luksom, 2007; Kataki, 1986; Chowdhery, 1998) while O. cacharensis is endemic to Chachar region of Assam, northeast India.

Fig. 1. Ornithochilus yingjiangensis Z. H. Tsi. Digital photo IMG_1683; Tues-30Jul-13.

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