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Vol. 14(9), pp. 2-10The McAllen International Orchid Society JournalSeptember 2013

An Overheated Greenhouse: Prologue, Event, and Afterward

R J Ferry


Consider an old axiom from days when your editor was an aviator:

Accidents don't "just happen": -- they're caused!

The lesson is clear! When an accident happens, there is a need to analyze what happened and why, and although it's sometimes painful to do so, don't neglect who played a significant role in the event. Don't get wrapped up in a "blame game" and think the cause has been found just because some individual can be tagged as a scapegoat! The objective is to find a remedy (and there may be more than one!) so the same or a similar event can be avoided in the future!

Fig. 1. Unidentified Cattleya with severe leaf and sheath heat damage; DSC_5471; Mon-12Aug-13.

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