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Vol. 14(7), pp. 8-13The McAllen International Orchid Society JournalJuly 2013

Peer-Reviewed Article
Effective Publication Date : 7-Jul-2013

A note on the identity of Anoectochilus roxburgii (Orchidaceae)

Avishek Bhattacharjee

Central National Herbarium,
Botanical Survey of India,
A.J.C.B. Indian Botanic Garden, Howrah- 711 103, India.


Fig. 1. Anoectochilus roxburgii - A) Habit; B) Inflorescence (side view); C) Inflorescence (top view); D) Flower with bract; E) Bract; F) Dorsal sepal and petals; G) Dorsal sepal; H) Lateral sepals; I) Petals; J) Labellum with spur (side view); K) Labellum with spur (bottom view); L) Labellum showing epichile and mesochile (spur removed); M) L.s. of spur showing appendages; N) Column with anther and pollinium; O) Anther; P) Pollinarium. (an: anther; epi: epichile; r: rostellum; sp: spur; w: wing) [N. N. Rabha 46015, CAL].

Lindley (1839) transferred Wallich's Chrysobaphus roxburghii (Wallich, 1826) to the genus Anoectochilus Blume as Anoectochilus roxburgii (Wall.) Lindl. The name of the genus - 'Anoectochilus' is derived from the Greek words 'anoiktos' (opened) and 'chilos' (lip) referring the flower with prominent lip (labellum) giving an open appearance and the specific epithet - 'roxburghii' is coined after William Roxburgh (1751 - 1815), 'Father of Indian Botany', who was Superintendent of Calcutta Botanic Garden between 1793 - 1813 (Fig. 1).

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