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Vol. 14(6), pp. 2-4The McAllen International Orchid Society JournalJune 2013

Book Review -- La orquideoflora mexiquense

Eric Olsen

Like orchids, the authors of orchid books can be classified into their genera and species. Some authors (Photographicus orchidacearum) produce visually spectacular books, full of colorful photographs of orchids in bloom, habitat landscapes, or pollinators hovering over a flower's scented lure. Others (Physicus plantae) catalog a region's orchids, collate data on growth or climate, or trace evolution's convoluted path. Still others (Bardus exoticus) tell us the stories of explorers in strange lands, quests for a mysterious plant never before seen by science, or tales of deceit and betrayal as nineteenth-century collectors seek to profit by their (or someone else's) discoveries. It is a rare author who is difficult to place in one of these three genera. Even more rare is one who fits well into all three at once.

Fig. 1. Cover, La orquideoflora mexiquense.

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