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Vol. 14(5), pp. 2-20The McAllen International Orchid Society JournalMay 2013

Peer-Reviewed Article
Effective Publication Date : 1-May-2013

Orchids of The Karbi Anglong District of Assam, India

Khyanjeet Gogoi and Rajendra Yonzone

Ed. Note: This is Part II of a paper in three parts. It is continued from MIOS Journ. 14(4): 11-20. April, 2013. Part III will conclude this paper in MIOS Journ. 14(6) June, 2013.


ACAMPE Lindl.: About 10 species are distributed from tropical the Himalayan regions to Indochina, and SE Asia, tropical and subtropical Africa, Madagascar, and the islands of the West Indian Ocean. 6 species are in India, with 3 species in Assam and Karbi Anglong District.

Fig. 1. Brachycorythis helferi Rchb. f. Summerh. (1955). Date taken: 21-Jul-11

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