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Vol. 14(3), pp. 2-8The McAllen International Orchid Society JournalMarch 2013

Inflorescence Types

R J Ferry

Ed. Note: Back in (nearly) the ancient history of this publication, a few offerings about botanical terms were published for novice members. The following one originally appeared in Vol. 3(7): 5-7 (2002).
In ordinary conversation most humans tend to generalize, and use "slang" words and clichés, but the language of science is exact, descriptive, and meticulous. If the words seem strange, the problem is not with science, but with the habit of carelessness in general conversation. These definitions, from July, 2002, are reviewed, updated, and embellished particularly for the benefit of newer members.

Inflorescence: "the arrangement of flowers on a floral axis; a floral cluster."

Fig. 1. Diagrammatic representation of inflorescence types.

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